Videosync Extensions Manual

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Thank you for checking out Videosync Extensions!

Videosync Extensions is a collection of presets for Videosync devices that will help smoothen the workflow between audio and video in Ableton Live.




To start using Videosync Extensions, unpack the .alp file somewhere in your user library, or in one of your custom folders in Live's Browser. From here, drag one of the presets onto a MIDI channel.


Project folder and presets of Videosync Extensions.


Every now and then SoundSuite's devices receive updates.
To check if you're still on the latest version, right click the project folder and click Show in Finder/Explorer.
Once the folder is revealed, double click the www-Check For Updates.url file.


Project folder and preset of Channel Strip.

Info View and Macros

Hover over any of the Macros to reveal information about their usage in Live’s Info View.



AV Simpler

Live's Simpler only supports audio. Videosync's Simpler only supports video. AV Simpler is a combination of the two, with 8 Macro knobs mapped to parameters that can be found in both the audio and video Simplers.

If you have a video file with audio rendered into it, and you want to be able to trigger it, you can use the AV Simpler for this. And the video-Simpler doesn't give any visual feedback within the sample area, it can be helpful to load the same video file into the audio-Simpler, so that when you adjust the Start, Loop Length and/or Total Length Macros, you'll have the visual feedback from the audio-Simpler.

AV Simpler.

Macro Shell

The AV Simpler device contains two Chains, one for the audio-Simpler and one for the video-Simpler. The Simplers on both Chains are wrapped in an Instrument Rack, called Macro Shell. This was done only to organise the Macros, and getting useful values to be displayed underneath the Macros of the AV Simpler device.

When you look at the Attack and Release parameters on the audio-Simpler and video-Simpler, you'll see that one outputs ms (milliseconds) and the other b (beats). I wanted the AV Simpler Macros to display milliseconds, and to achieve that the instruments need to be wrapped in a child Instrument Rack first, and then have their parameters mapped to the parent Instrument Rack. Whichever of the Chains is on top will have its values displayed in the parent Instrument Rack.
This means that if you want to display beats rather than milliseconds in the parent Macros, all you have to do is move the Video Simpler Chain to the top of the list.

AV Simpler, revealing the Macro Shell wrapping the audio Simpler.

AV Simpler, revealing the Macro Shell wrapping the video Simpler.



AV Drum Racks

The AV Drum Rack presets that come with Videosync Extensions are nothing special on their own, except that they have a multitude of AV Simplers already loaded in. All that's left to do is import audio and video into the Simpler devices.

AV Drum Rack with 16 Pads.

AV Drum Rack with 64 Pads.



V Drum Racks

The V Drum Rack presets simply contain a number of video-Simpler devices that are ready for use.




V2.0 (May 3, 2021)

  • Updated the pack with the Simpler of Videosync 1.0.
  • Every preset will now load the Simpler device located in the User Library.

V1.0.1 (February 18, 2020)

  • Added two new presets "V Drum Rack 16" and "V Drum Rack 64".
  • Added V Drum Racks chapter to the online manual.

V1.0 (December 9, 2019)