Videosync Extensions

Additional Presets for Videosync Devices


AudioVisual Simpler

For smoother workflow between audio and video

Videosync's Simpler only supports video playback, so in order to trigger both audio and video at the same time with a single MIDI note, you'll need another layer with a standard Simpler. These presets provide just that, with 8 premapped Macros that allow control of several parameters of both the audio and video Simplers simultaneously.

AudioVisual Drum Rack

For complex audiovisual triggering and fingerdrumming

Multiply the AV Simpler by 16 or 64 and you'll have a Drum Rack at your disposal, allowing you to trigger audio and video simultaneously using any kind of MIDI input.

List of presets

AV Simpler
AV Drum Rack 16
AV Drum Rack 64
V Drum Rack 16
V Drum Rack 64