Reverb with Harmonic Context



For rich, harmonic and responsive pads

Textures is an Audio Effect Rack containing three Resonators devices, a Reverb, Grain Delays and a Saturator to easily create harmonic and colorful reverberations.

Top row - Choose a root key for the Resonators, determine the length of the tones with Decay, control the brightness with the BP Filter, and use the Octave Slider to choose a lower, darker reverb, or a higher and brighter one.
Bottom row - Drown the generated chord in Reverb, add an octave shifting Shimmer delay, combine the total signal with a low rumbling sub drone, and finally add some grittiness with saturation.

Return Channel

Place Textures on a Return channel and feed any sound into it with the Send knobs. This will allow you to create rich and responsive pads easily.

For the complete experience you can add a Channel Strip after Textures for easy EQing, sidechaining and automation of volume and filters.

Presets for Different Chords

Textures comes with 11 presets for minor, major and sus chords. Set the root key for the chords with Reso Root Key.