Thank you for checking out LiveTime!

Since Live doesn't have a native clock other than the one that counts bars/beats/sixteenths, I thought it would be a nice challenge to make one.
While working on various projects for Showsync I finally had the time and a purpose to dip my toes in the world of Max (for Live). I had the opportunity to work with LiveMTC, a great plugin made by Mattijs Kneppers. Large chunks of LiveTime were derived from LiveMTC, so massive thanks to Mattijs for letting me use parts of his code.




To start using LiveTime, unpack the .zip file somewhere in your user library, or in one of your custom folders in Live's Browser. From here, drag it onto a channel, preferably the Master channel.


Every now and then SoundSuite's devices receive updates.
To check if you're still on the latest version, click on the version number in the top right corner of the plugin interface. This will open the version checker on this website.


Version number in the top right.



LiveTime plugin

Once pressed, the big button in the top left will open the floating window. Below that are two options that will affect both the display of the plugin and of the floating window.

  • The first option is whether to Display milliseconds or frames in the bottom right. The default setting is milliseconds.

LiveTime plugin with Display set to Milliseconds.

  • The second option is Frames. Once selected, the Frame Rate dropdown menu becomes available and blue, and the amount of frames will be displayed in realtime with respect to the selected Frame Rate.

LiveTime plugin with Display set to Frames.



LiveTime floating window

Once opened, the floating window can be positioned anywhere on the screen.
It displays the project tempo, time signature, bars/beats/sixteenths and hours/minutes/seconds and depending on the selection in the plugin, milliseconds or frames.

LiveTime's floating window.




V1.0.1 (February 7, 2023)

  • Added missing dependencies.

V1.0 (December 25, 2020)