AD2 Suite

Integrate Addictive Drums 2 with Ableton Live and Push


Push Layout

64 Pads for direct control

This Drum Rack integrates Addictive Drums 2 into Push's drum layout, enabling you to use the step sequencer like you would with any other Drum Rack preset. Use a compact drumkit with 16 drum pads in Push's Loop Selector and 16 Velocities layouts, or go to the 64 Pads layout to use all of the pads for additional snare, hihat, toms, rides, cymbals and flexis hits.



Intensity Control

Control the energy of the drummer with ease

This MIDI Effect Rack offers 16 macros which offer realtime control over velocity values of incoming MIDI notes. Use the "Main Intensity" knob to control the entire drumkit at once, or use the 7 other knobs to control each of the kit pieces separately. Turn down an Intensity knob to get softer drum sounds, or turn it up for them to intensify.
The 8 Random knobs in the bottom row randomize incoming MIDI values, resulting in samples with different intensities being triggered in Addictive Drums 2.

Ghost Note Generator *

Add spontaneous ghost notes

The Ghost Note Generator creates ghost notes at random in a controlled environment. Use the length of MIDI notes to determine which notes may receive additional ghost notes for the duration of the initial note, and use the Chain Mute buttons on the right to determine which kit pieces are allowed to produce ghost notes in general. The Macro knobs control the max velocity output and disperse generated ghost notes.



Clean Mixer

Comprehensible and clear

The mixer in the Session View offers volume controls of all different kit pieces, while all the routing of audio and MIDI happens in collapsed tracks, out of view.

Works with any AD2 kit

AD2 Suite comes with a project file from which you can easily import the entire Drum Rack channel into an existing project.

The AD2 Push Layout is configured to work with any Addictive Drums 2 kit, as long as the custom MIDI mapping inside the plug-in remains unchanged.

Empty Kit

The Addictive Drums plugin in the project file has an empty kit loaded by default, meaning you can build your kit from the ground up, or switch to one of your favourite preset kits.

* Ghost Note Generator uses a Max for Live LFO. If you do not own Max for Live, see the manual for a workaround.